Ty Newydd

Symbiotic living with a Permaculture twist.

Having been challenged by Steve Jones of Chapter 39 to think about and plan for 2050 and with the experience of observing and experimenting at Ty Newydd for 7 years the creator felt ready to have a rethink about some aspects of their home, land and lifestyle. The refurbishment of the cabin in the garden. We had it built in 1995, just after we moved in to give ourselves a refuge from the renovations and also a place to see work clients where we didn’t have to apologise for the mess! Once we stopped working from home we turned it into a Holiday Let and later used it as extra bedrooms when family or friends came to stay. I decided it was time for a redesign that would not alter the structure too much but so that it could be used as somewhere for volunteers to live whilst helping me with the garden and property.