Teaching 52 Climate Actions


Teaching 52 Climate Actions in 2018

Lesson plans

The lesson plans and supporting resources have been specifically designed for 52 Climate Actions by The International Permaculture Education Network. They give you the resources to plan a one-off taught session ranging from two hours to a full day. In addition, a pre-written plan for teaching a two hour session is provided.

Teaching 52 Climate Action in 2018

Community Workshops

The Community Workshops provide a plan and slides for two x 3 hour workshops, the first focussing on individual action and the second on community action. Please download, edit, and use them. They have been created by our friends at Permaculture South Australia as part of the Community Climate Coaches Project funded by the European Union.

If you use any of these resources in your teaching, please use the 'Share Your Story' button in the footer to tell us how it went.

Picture credits: The Permaculture Association Britain